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Everybody Self-Care ToolKit

Learn how to create your own comforting and grounding yoga + meditation + self-care practice, without all the “shoulds” of what you think it’s meant to to look or feel like.

Allow yourself to be guided in a supportive way for you to reflect, learn, and grow in a way that is nurturing and authentic to your needs -- no matter your body shape, mobility level, or knowledge of yoga + meditation.

Find ease, comfort, and presence in your day-to-day life through cultivating a deeper understanding of what self-care looks like for you.

What's included?

Cozy + Accessible Yoga Practice

Beginner-friendly yoga practice to find the tools and confidence to create your own at-home yoga practice.

Meditation for Compassionate Presence

This meditation is for the sensitive empath who needs a comforting space to go to after navigating through an overwhelming day.

Self-Care Wellness Pocketbook

In this pocketbook you will be guided through journal prompts to reflect on what lights YOU up and how to be able to tap into your center at any time in the day.